How much your repair will cost

If you drop your set into us, we will diagnose the problem with your set for free!

We will phone you and explain the fault and the full cost before commencing with the repair.
Cost of TV parts can vary greatly, which is why we can't give you a fixed price. However, We will always let you know the full cost of the repair once the equipment has been inspected.
If you decide not to go ahead, then there will be no charge!

Updated 27/02/2024

ITEMMinimum Cost + PartsAverage Total Cost
LCD under 22" £25.00 £39.00
LCD Small 23" - 32" £30.00 £48.00
LCD Medium 33" - 42" £40.00 £73.00
LCD Large 43" - 49" £50.00 £92.00
LCD - OLED - QLED X Large 50" + £60.00 £187.00

LED backlight replacement varies greatly in cost due to type & size of panel used.
Sets needing this type of repair need to be priced individually and are not included in these averages.


Minimum Cost is based on a repair that requires no or minimal parts which are included.
Average repair costs are based on our repairs over the last six months but may well be more or less depending on the nature of the fault.  

Please note:

We no longer support repairs on Tube (CRT) & Projector TV's and smaller items like cheap DVD players etc.
Written estimates for Sellers/Insurance claims. £45.00. (Usually refundable with your claim)
Payments can be made with cash or most credit/debit cards. Cheques are no longer accepted.
Repair time is dependent on fault and availability of parts.