TV Part Numbering Help

Our parts are intended for use by the electronic repair trade who are usually aware of what part numbers are required via service manuals. In an effort to keep things simple, only basic information is provided on our site. Generally, our part numbers are taken from what is printed on the board. We do this to make parts easier to find on our website but quite often, they are not fully reliable for matching parts to specific models. The following notes are designed to help find the correct part for the set.

General Tips!

  • When purchasing a T.Con or Main Board it is a good idea to check it is designed for the same screen.
  • Always go by label numbers rather than numbers printed directly on the board if possible.

Parts manufactured by LG.

LG Main Boards have a barcode label with a part number usually starting with either EBR, EBT or EBU followed by 8 numbers.

For example; a main board for a 43UK6400 has the part number EBT65273813 however, the barcode sometimes only shows the number, in this case 65273813 with EBT written elsewhere.

Numbers printed directly on the board should generally be ignored. For example, EAX numbers printed on the board are for use in the factory but can be used on a variety of parts and do not identify a specific board. This can be useful as they can sometimes be compatible but different models and/or screen types can cause issues. If the correct part number can not be found, then it is a better idea to contact us first.

LG Main Board Label


LG Power Supplies (PSU) usually begin EAY.

The EAX number may be a good guide but please check the part suits the correct screen size, and check the photograph to confirm that all the connections are identical. The correct part number can usually be found printed on the board, or more reliably on the label within the barcode number. For example, a 55UK6300 has the part number EAY64948701 but sometimes only 64948701 will be found within the barcode label.

LG Power Supply label


LG T.Cons have a part number starting 6871L-*****

Sometimes this is printed in full on a barcode but it is more common that only the last part of the number is printed in a white box on the board.

Do not rely on the 6870C PCB number otherwise it may well be incompatible.

LG Display T Con Numbers

Parts manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung Main Board numbers start with BN94 followed by 5 numbers & 1 letter and is found on a barcode label.

The BN41 number found printed on the board, in common with most manufacturers, is only the blank board number. However, this can still be of use if the correct part number cannot be obtained. If the board looks identical and is from the same range of sets then it will usually work when corrected in service mode. However, this only applies if it uses the same screen.

Samsung Main Board label


Power Supplies usually start BN44 and can sometimes be found printed on the board as well as the barcode label.

It is important to get this right as the board can look the same but the supply for the screen may be different resulting in a working set but with no picture.

If we know of proven alternatives then they will be listed on our part page.

Samsung Power Supply label


Samsung T.Cons Samsung provide a huge number of different T.Cons and many are used by other manufacturers such as Vestel, whose screens commonly use Samsung T.Cons. In addition, some Samsung models will use T.cons from other manufacturers, such as Sharp. If possible, we add the relevant screen number(s) to our part listings so please check to confirm.

BN95 numbers:

These are generally found in Samsung sets and have blank board numbers such as S100FAPC2LV0.3 or BN41-01678A. The correct part number will be found on a barcode or QR Code label and have a number beginning with BN95 followed by 5 numbers and a letter.

Samsung T Con BN95 label


LJ94 numbers:

Usually, these are found outside Samsung models and are defined by LJ94 numbers. For example, board numbers can be something like 14Y_EF11_TA2C2LV0.1 but that would cover various screens. The correct part number would be LJ94-29830D for a Vestel VES400UNVS-2D screen. It is common for Samsung to only print part of the number on a label or barcode. The 1st letter can be ignored as the 2nd part of the number always has 5 numbers followed by a letter.

Samsung T Con LJ94 label

VESTEL. Suppliers to Toshiba, Panasonic, JVC, Bush, Sharp, Wharfedale, Goodmans etc.

Vestel are a major supplier to the budget market. Common part numbers which customers quote are 17PW* or 17IPS* for power supplies and 17MB* for main signal boards. Unfortunately, these are the part numbers of the basic board and vary greatly. The only way to guarantee compatibility is to find the 8-digit Vestel part number printed on a sticker. A lot of power supplies are interchangeable with equivalent parts, but not all. Main boards rarely are, so in both cases it is recommended to check carefully or contact us before you buy.

The correct part number for the main board or power supply can usually be found on a barcode label and, at present, starts with 20 or 23.

Vestel Power Supply or Main Board number label

UMC. Suppliers to Blaupunkt, Technika, Tevion etc.

These parts are made in China for the low end of the market and can be difficult to obtain the correct part as they do not state the part number on their boards.

PCB numbers commonly used start with T.MSD, B.LT or similar. Unlike other manufacturers it is very important to make sure the pcb, model, & screen numbers are correct otherwise problems will arise such as stuck in standby, no picture or no remote functions.

UMC T.MSD306.69A


Additional Help.

Many LCD boards manufactured in the Far East & Eastern Europe can have part numbers which do not relate to the exact part you require or the correct part number maybe difficult to confirm. If you are unsure about one of our parts being correct, then please Contact Us with as much info as possible. Make, Model, Screen and any numbers from the board.


We are unable to provide information or help you find parts that we do not stock.
If you are looking for a part that is not in our listings or is out of stock then please do not ask us, as we do not have the staff to do research or find items on your behalf.
We only supply complete boards for Televisions. We do not supply individual components or LCD/Plasma screens.

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